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There are some stories that should never be forgotten. This one—the one I am about to tell you - is such a story.

Yes, this story has been told before by others much wiser and more knowledgeable than I. But I have an advantage over them: I was there.

Journey with me past wild, rugged mountain peaks and treacherous desert sands to the Kingdom of Persia, 1 B.C., where an unusually brilliant star rises in the western sky, beckoning my master, Zargon, to uncover the meaning of its mysterious appearance.

With the guidance of ancient secrets recorded on fragile scrolls, Zargon makes a pact to rally with his three wise friends in a little village called Bethlehem. Each one laden with precious gifts, my Master and his friends are separated. But with determination, I along with our loyal but malodorous camel, Callou, aid Zargon in his lifelong quest to find a promised King.

The Servant King is a marvelous adventure for all ages! Journey with Zargon and Mustafa through the Persian and Judea deserts in search of the heavenly King, born in Bethlehem. Find out how some gifts can change your life forever.

The Servant King Audiobook is available digitally at Apple Books and Google Play!